Cristina Fernandez Gonzalez's Photos

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A Cheilinus undulatus  | Humphead Wrasse

😍Cuteness overload😍
Cheilinus undulatus
Humphead Wrasse

A Synalpheus neomeris | Snapping Shrimp

🛸👽 Mars attacks!!! 👽🛸
Synalpheus neomeris
Snapping Shrimp

A Scorpaenopsis oxycephalus | Scorpion fish

🌺Lying in a field of flowers🌺
Scorpaenopsis oxycephalus
Scorpion fish

A  Papilloculiceps longiceps |  Crocodilefish

👀🐊A stare that says it all🐊👀
Papilloculiceps longiceps

A Amphiprion bicinctus | Clownfish

Amphiprion bicinctus

A Chelonia mydas | Green turtle

Fly, fly little turtle
Chelonia mydas
Green turtle

A  Arothron diadematus | Masked puffer fish

😴Resting after a long, long day😴
Arothron diadematus
Masked puffer fish

A Chelonia mydas | Green turtle

After breathing ... Get out of the way! 😍
Chelonia mydas
Green turtle

A Cheilinus undulatus |  Humphead wrasse

💎Wonders of the Red Sea 💎
Cheilinus undulatus
Humphead wrasse

A Scarus ghobban | Parrot fish

😬 Smile!!!! 😬
Scarus ghobban
Parrot fish

A Balistoides viridescens  | Titan triggerfish

👀Keeping an eye on you👀
Balistoides viridescens
Titan triggerfish

A Flabellina affinis | Nudibranch

🤩Front shot🤩
Flabellina affinis

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