What is purpose? purpose is to create an online database of underwater photography and photographers.
By its mechanism you will be able to find species from the globe, location where they have been found, photographer who shoot the photos and much more

What does it mean online database?

Let's make an example: You start on the homepage and you like a photo, then you click on the photo to see it big; now, you like the photo very much and you notice, in the photo details that it has been shot by Mr T. If you now click on Mr T. the website will sort out all the photos Mr T. uploaded to .

Now you start scrolling Mr. T photos and after a while you see a Pygmy seahorse... How lovely! Now you can click on the common name Pygmy seahorse in the photo details and the website will sort out all the pygmy seahorses in its database for you! Now you start moving on the Pygmy seahorse line and you can do that until you find a place that make you curious, or a camera, or a diving center, or whatever it is in the photo description and you can click on... The website will sort them out for you.

How can I use the internal search engine?

Internal search engine is built to make specific searches inside big database.
You can fill in one field only or more than one. The more fields you fill in the refined will be the research results.

How much space do I have for my photos?

Every photographer has Unlimited space available for his photos.

Is membership Free?

Yes, membership is completely free of charge...different pay per use services will be added in the future.

How do you protect the copyright of the photos?

Photos copyright remains with the author. Each photo uploaded to the website will show the photographer?s name and a logo to protect the shot. Photographers have the chance to further protect their photos by adding a watermark and choose its position on the picture.

Do I have to write my name on the photo by using photo editing softwares?

You can of course, but this is not compulsory as the website will automatically do it for you during the upload process.

I see each photo requires a lot of details. Do I have to write them all and waste a lot of time?

Absolutely not!!! The upload process is very straight and easy. If your photos still have the EXIF details the website will automatically detect them and fill the data fields for you. will store in its database the options you use more such as for example, your housing and stobes and will remind you their names as soon as you start compiling the relative field!
In the end you will have to fill in only common name and location where the photo has been taken; however, to facilitate your photos to be easily found also in future, the more details you add , the better it is.

I'm a beginner Underwater photographer, can I upload to anyway?

Sure!!! Today beginners will be tomorrow world champions! All Underwater photographers are welcome on our website! When you will become world champion, you will be able to delete your beginner photos from the website if you want to!

I'm waiting the confirmation mail to access my free account after sign up but I still don't see it inside my incoming messages box, what can I do?

Confirmation mail usually takes few minutes to reach you. If you don't get it 12 hours please check the spam/bulk/unwanted mail folders within your mail box or mail client ( such as outlook or OSX mail ). Spam filters are very powerful today and although we are not spammers, our messages could be filtered anyway. As soon as you find the confirmation mail in the spam folder, please add to the trusted addresses list.

Why is there all this advertisement on the website? is a very complex website and requires a continue behind the scenes job. We are also trying to keep improving and bringing the best experience possible to our users and visitors. we run primarily on our passion for Underwater Photography, but we also face a lot of expenses, so in order to keep this service free for everybody we are forced to allow some advertising on the page.

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