Cristina Fernandez Gonzalez's Photos

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A Nautilus pompilius | Nautilus

The most perfect desing in the world
Nautilus pompilius

A Urocaridella antonbruunii | Shrimp

❤ Look at my babies! They're so cute ❤
Urocaridella antonbruunii

A Costasiella kuroshimae | Nudibranch

🕯💜Purple candles💜🕯
Costasiella kuroshimae

A Phycocaris simulans | Hairy Shrimp

🥳Babies almost ready to go🥳
Phycocaris simulans
Hairy Shrimp

A Flabellina affinis | Nudibranch

Ready for laying eggs
Flabellina affinis

A Costasiella sp.  | Nudibranch

💜Purple sparkles💜
Costasiella sp.

A Gymnothorax favagineus  | Honeycomb moray

⚪⚫B&W Polka Dots⚫⚪
Gymnothorax favagineus
Honeycomb moray

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