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Weekly most viewed photographers

Underwater photographersViewPhotoVideo
Argentina Flag Galante Aldo3156090
Ukraine Flag Oksana Maksymova2633190
Chile Flag Mau Riquelme2102401
Australia Flag Tony Strazzari19714100
PuertoRico Flag Magali Marquez 1961920
Indonesia Flag Kurt Gross1889300
Thailand Flag Stefan Follows1718730
France Flag John Paul Meillon (J.P.C)157196570
Italy Flag Mauro Mainardi1197890
UnitedKingdom Flag Jack Pokoj10865810

Top 10 photographers with most views

Underwater photographersViewPhotoVideo
Australia Flag Tony Strazzari49053014100
France Flag John Paul Meillon (J.P.C)251105196570
Italy Flag Massimo Giorgetta2207964900
Italy Flag Gianluca Neri2082753800
Philippines Flag Ilan Lubitz20262816070
Italy Flag Vito Giannecchini175031570
Italy Flag Andrea Falcomatà1168751620
Thailand Flag Stefan Follows1012748730
Spain Flag David Carbo90543690
Germany Flag Ralf Schmidt893892363


The MostWinnerValue
Used camera brandNIKON CORPORATION1427
Visited placeAnilao1568
Viewed photoview5403
Viewed videoview2369
Commented itemview
Nation with more ph.Italy Flag Italy400
The younger ph.Shintaro_UWP15
Viewed Portfolioajiex.dharma4784

Latest users comments

A Longfin Batfish

lovely scene. i really like your b
12/11/2020 21:40:54
A creature
Guest Diver
the video looks good! thinking about buying a cou...
09/11/2020 23:48:57
A Amphioctopus siamensis

really cool shot!!!
21/10/2020 19:05:10
A clownfish

thanks a lot
19/10/2020 20:26:23
A Denise's pygmy seahorse (Hippocampus denise)

very beautiful this photo
15/10/2020 11:03:03
A clownfish

wonderful, claudio
14/10/2020 08:55:49
A Spiny Seahorse

many thanks rune
11/10/2020 01:50:55

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