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PhotographersTotal viewTotal photoTotal video
PhotographersTotal viewTotal photoTotal video
Indonesia Flag 1 Kurt Gross2349040
France Flag 2 Ludovic David2193010
France Flag 3 John Paul Meillon (j.p.c)94194365
Ukraine Flag 4 Oksana Maksymova772480
Indonesia Flag 5 Wayan Darma692150
Argentina Flag 6 Galante Aldo613600
Italy Flag 7 Ivan Rullo58990
Bahrain Flag 8 Hani Bader541540
Australia Flag 9 Tony Strazzari5313960
Norway Flag 10 Rune Edvin Haldorsen507294
Italy Flag 11 Mauro Mainardi468360
Philippines Flag 12 Ilan Lubitz4016070
Thailand Flag 13 Stefan Follows387690
Italy Flag 14 Silva Viola36710
Switzerland Flag 15 Zumbrunnen Thomas 352150
Germany Flag 16 Konstantin Killer33908
Italy Flag 17 Massimo Giorgetta314710
Italy Flag 18 Nicola Coppola291760
CaymanIslands Flag 19 Susannah H. Snowden-smith292760
Argentina Flag 20 Jorge Gil Rodriguez2760
UnitedStatesofAmerica Flag 21 Steven Miller261180
Indonesia Flag 22 Agiastito25540
Spain Flag 23 David Carbo25620
Germany Flag 24 Ralf Schmidt242172
Philippines Flag 25 Lida Hernandez Alcazar246030
Italy Flag 26 Fabio Strazzi234444
SouthAfrica Flag 27 Richard Darke211100
CaymanIslands Flag 28 Adeline Wee211150
Malaysia Flag 29 Angie Ng214560
Germany Flag 30 Wilhelm Hassmann21660
Italy Flag 31 Antonio Colacino203370
HongKong Flag 32 Caron Wong191270
Taiwan Flag 33 Julian Hsu19770
Indonesia Flag 34 Ronny Wijaya19540
SouthAfrica Flag 35 Kate Jonker191790
HongKong Flag 36 Francis Lau196130
Poland Flag 37 Tomasz Plocinski19520
Malaysia Flag 38 Alya Roslan17700
Italy Flag 39 Claudio Toniolo171990
Malaysia Flag 40 Zaflee171110
UnitedStatesofAmerica Flag 41 Billy Watson17450
Italy Flag 42 Claudio Ceresi153250
Indonesia Flag 43 Ajiex Dharma151950
Malaysia Flag 44 Ahmad Rosli 141540
UK-England Flag 45 Sean Chinn142271
Indonesia Flag 46 Wayan Pasek143210
Italy Flag 47 Marino Palla142161
UnitedKingdom Flag 48 Morgan Riggs13390
SaudiArabia Flag 49 Likbatonboot137323
UnitedStatesofAmerica Flag 50 Hank13359
Italy Flag 51 Gianluca Neri133770
UnitedStatesofAmerica Flag 52 Andre Labuda12220
Greece Flag 53 George Touliatos12310
Italy Flag 54 Roberto Strafella12660
Italy Flag 55 Davide Lombroso12810
Switzerland Flag 56 Philippe Brunner121390
Italy Flag 57 Raffaele Livornese122720
CaymanIslands Flag 58 Miranda-clare Iddon11300
Portugal Flag 59 Henrique Nascimento1155813
UnitedKingdom Flag 60 Jack Pokoj105641
Taiwan Flag 61 Melody Cool1024530
Italy Flag 62 Sergio Agro'10901
UnitedStatesofAmerica Flag 63 Alex Suh10260
Japan Flag 64 Noriyuki Otani102700
Serbia Flag 65 Jovan Tasa Petrovski102230
Malaysia Flag 66 Angel Elyn Lau9270
Italy Flag 67 Cristian Umili9310
Italy Flag 68 Rossignolo Marco91180
Malaysia Flag 69 Steven Sim Shyh Jye8400
Italy Flag 70 Jankadive8610
Malaysia Flag 71 Khoo Yi Ping8650
Italy Flag 72 Guerino Salvatore81530
SouthAfrica Flag 73 Wesley Oosthuizen81400
Italy Flag 74 Andrea Mucedola8970
Italy Flag 75 Alfredo Milazzo8730
Italy Flag 76 Andrea Falcomatà81620
Germany Flag 77 Sven Hewecker8920
UnitedStatesofAmerica Flag 78 Beth Watson8870
Switzerland Flag 79 Henry Jager8710
Malta Flag 80 Kristaps Dz790
Germany Flag 81 Kathrin Landgraf-kluge7280
Indonesia Flag 82 Yubzukamoto7910
Russia Flag 83 Alex Permiakov71470
Russia Flag 84 Denis Timchenko71180
Philippines Flag 85 Ton Ghela71910
Singapore Flag 86 Lilian Koh7890
Spain Flag 87 Alberto Albo71500
Italy Flag 88 Gianluca Cucco71370
Italy Flag 89 Renata Romeo6850
Italy Flag 90 Alessandro Giannaccini6450
Italy Flag 91 Barbara Belaz6370
Spain Flag 92 Gustavo Maqueda Batanero61280
UnitedStatesofAmerica Flag 93 Tanya Houppermans6500
Indonesia Flag 94 Edy Lie61170
Singapore Flag 95 Kelvin Tan H.y6600
UnitedKingdom Flag 96 Christian Llewellyn6231
SouthKorea Flag 97 Bori Bennett61250
France Flag 98 Bloc Dixhuit6370
Russia Flag 99 Natalie Bondarenko61341
Italy Flag 100 Pietro Cremone6460
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