Nudibranch Project

Upload your nudi shots to in the usual way. All nudi shots will automatically enter this gallery and the nudi of the week competition. Invite your friends to vote for your nudi shots clicking on the heart.
At the end of each week the shot with more votes will be nominated nudi of the week and will show up on home page for the whole following week. At the end of the year all the weekly winners will enter the competition to become the nudi of the year 2015 and get the chance to win a real prize our sponsors will offer.
So what are you waiting for? Keep uploading your photos to join the competition and invite your friends to help you win it!

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A Felimare picta | Felimare picta nudibranch

Felimare picta nudibranch
Felimare picta
Felimare picta nudibranch

A Paraflabellina gabinierei | Paraflabellina gabinierei nudibranch

Paraflabellina gabinierei nudibranch
Paraflabellina gabinierei
Paraflabellina gabinierei...

A Nembrotha kubaryana | Nudibranch

Nembrotha kubaryana

A Antiopella cristata | Nudibranco

Antiopella cristata
Antiopella cristata

A Cratena Peregrina | Cratena Peregrina nudibranch

Mediterranean Cratena nudibranch
Cratena Peregrina
Cratena Peregrina nudibra...

A Paraflabellian ischitana | Paraflabellian ischitana nudibranch

Paraflabellina ischitana nudibranch
Paraflabellian ischitana
Paraflabellian ischitana ...

A Nudibranch


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