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Amos Nachoum is the President and founder of BigAnimals Expeditions, but first and foremost, he is an explorer and a guide. A photographer, his photos and essays have appeared in hundreds of publications around the globe and his work has been included in several books. He is always looking to bring attention to the most fragile regions of the underwater realm with preservation of the environment foremost in his mind.

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One on One

Todos Santos
Kajikia audax | Striped Marlin

Group Swim

Ursus maritimus | Polar Bear

White Whale

Canadian Arctic
Delphinapterus leucas | Beluga

Shark Silhouettes

Gardens of the Queen, Cuba
| Silky sharks

Feeding Frenzy

South Africa
| Sardine Run

Great White

| Great White

Swimming with Bears

| Polar Bear

Sperm Whale

| Sperm Whale

Whale of a Shark

| Whale Shark

Blue Giant

San Diego, CA
| Blue Whale

Leopard Seal

| Leopard Seal

Orca Chasing Herring

| Orca

Pygmy Blue Whale

Sri Lanka
| Pygmy Blue Whale