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Raffaele Livornese
congratulazioni Susanna, la tua foto e' la Pic of the Day!!

23/03/2024 21:41:00
Raffaele Livornese
hi, your photo is the Pic of the Day!!!
20/01/2024 17:54:49
Raffaele Livornese
welcome back, buddy. Your photo is the Pic of the Day!!
16/09/2023 18:00:50
Francis Lau
I don't use facebook, thanks :-)
27/08/2023 07:41:56
Raffaele Livornese
Hi Francis, your photo is the Pic of the Day!!
Do you also a Facebook account?? we repost this also on Facebook but are unable to tag you!!

26/08/2023 12:30:14
Hani Bader
Thank you so much
29/07/2023 09:34:13
Galante Aldo
Super shot Hani
26/07/2023 00:43:31
Ed Wolfstein
Thank you Beth! I don’t browse often enough, but even if this is late, I appreciate your comment! Cheers!
17/07/2023 14:33:03
Denis Timchenko
Thanks a LOT Rune Edvin Haldorsen! :-)
25/05/2023 19:05:17
Rune Edvin Haldorsen
Nice done
25/05/2023 12:02:41
Alex Double
Thank you , Susannah!
24/04/2023 19:49:55
Susannah H. Snowden-Smith
Today’s Pic of the Day on Scubashooters is a beautiful photograph of a Giant Pacific Manta by Alex Double. Congratulations Alex! The black and white treatment here is a perfect choice, showcasing the black of the manta and making the waves of sand stand out. The angle of the photo mimics the movement of the manta, making a dynamic image.
Join us at Scubashooters for more stunning imagery!

- Hi Alex! Posting here in case you didn’t see it on Facebook. Cheers, Susannah Snowden-Smith
04/04/2023 16:53:15
Raffaele Livornese
complimenti, la tua foto e' la Pic of the Day !!!
18/02/2023 20:36:12
Cristina Fernandez Gonzalez
Thanks for choosing my shot as pic of the day!!!
13/12/2022 19:25:00
Raffaele Livornese
congrautlations, your pic is The Pic of the Day!!
05/11/2022 14:52:59
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