Susannah H. Snowden-Smith

a Portfolio

Underwater Fine Art, Underwater archaeology photography (ancient shipwrecks!)
Originally from the U.S., living and shooting in the crystal clear waters of Grand Cayman between assignments!

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Grand Cayman
Eretmochelys imbricata | Hawksbill turtle

"All Aglow"

Grand Cayman
Platypodiella spectabilis | Gaudy Clown Crab

Close Encounters Of The Wreck Kind

Grand Cayman
| Balboa Shipwreck

M... e... l... t...

Grand Cayman
| Dripping sponges


Grand Cayman
Hippocampus reidi | Longsnout Seahorse

“WAM! A Shipwreck!”

Grand Cayman
| Kittiwake and Sponges


Grand Cayman
Cephalopholis fulva | Golden coney

"Classic Cayman Reef Scene"

Grand Cayman
| Cayman Reef Scene

"Black Cherry"

Grand Cayman
| Goby on Touch-me-not sponge

"Stingray Art"

Grand Cayman
| Southern Stingray

"Frank Sinatra"

Grand Cayman
| Hermit Crab

Oro Verde Shipwreck

Grand Cayman
| Oro Verde Shipwreck

“My Pink Castle”

Roatan, Honduras
| Secretary Blenny


Grand Cayman
Octopus briareus | Caribbean reef octopus

Two Moments In Time

Grand Cayman
| Tarpon & Silversides


Grand Cayman
Carcharhinus perezii | Caribbean Reef Shark


Grand Cayman
Tripterygiidae blennioids | Triplefin Blenny Portrait


Grand Cayman
Mycteroperca tigris | 28mm lens and grouper

Sigourney's Alien

Grand Cayman
Acanthemblemaria aspera | Golden Roughhead Blenny

“Searching For Mating Turtles At Sunset”

Grand Cayman
Chelonia mydas | Sunset Split Shot


Grand Cayman
Chromis cyanea | Hiding Blue Chromis

“The Most Beautiful Reef No. 2”

Ghost Mountain
| Ghost Mountain Reef Scene

"Abstract Lion"

Grand Cayman
Pterois | Lionfish

"Deep Breaths"

Grand Cayman
Chelonia mydas | Green Sea Turtle

"Melo Yello"

Grand Cayman
Micromelo undatus | Miniature Melo

“Where’s The Wreck?”

Cayman Islands
| Kittiwake Moved

"Sunset Squid"

Grand Cayman
Sepioteuthis sepioidea | Caribbean Reef Squid

“Christmas Fishes To You”

Grand Cayman
| Top Lit Reef Scene

Miniature Melo

Grand Cayman
Micromelo undata | Miniature Melo

“Enchanted Shipwreck”

Grand Cayman
| Double Exposure Shipwreck