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Joao Ponces 's Photos

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A Spondylus varius | Seashell

Blueeyed Bivalve Seashell
Spondylus varius

A Chelonia Mydas | Green Turtle

Green Turtle Eating
Chelonia Mydas
Green Turtle

A Blue Damselfish

Blue Damselfish
Blue Damselfish

A Xestospongia muta | Giant Barrel Sponge

Barrel Sponge, Very Deep
Xestospongia muta
Giant Barrel Sponge

A Bodianus scrofa | Hogfish

Peixe Cao, Female
Bodianus scrofa

A Gnathopyllum elegans | Bumblebee Shrimp

Bumblebee Shrimp, at Night
Gnathopyllum elegans
Bumblebee Shrimp

A Pomacanthus maculosus | Arabian Angelfish

Arabian Angelfish in Blue
Pomacanthus maculosus
Arabian Angelfish

A Grouper

Grouper on a Crinoid

A Hippocampus guttulatus | Sea Horse

Seahorse Amidst Plankton
Hippocampus guttulatus
Sea Horse

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